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Participant Feedback


It did take us a while to upload around 1000 feedback, but we believe it was well worth the effort as the excellent feedback given to us is perhaps the most precious asset we possess!

Which other company can boast of uploading 1000 feedback that testifies the quality of training rendered?

Anjali B.

Perl was made very easy to understand.

- After Perl in 2012
Anjali B. - Oracle Financial Services
Shashank Bharadwaj

Teaching with practical and real world examples is awesome. C++ concepts were very well presented.

- After C & C++ in 2008
Shashank Bharadwaj - VMWare

In my opinion the classroom session was the best. I think Sir tried his best to solve the problem of each and every student.

- After C++, MySQL, CGI, Java in 2007
Divya - Cellworks
Gautham G. Pai

The knowledge of the trainer is very good. The teaching still is good.

- After Advanced Linux in 2003-2006
Gautham G. Pai - Equinox
Bikash Chandra Purohit

The teaching was very good. The course material is very precise. The lab assistance provided is very good. Please come for second semester. We'll wait.

- After Linux & C in 2006

I found the teaching good. No need of any improvement

- After Java in 2006
Bikash Chandra Purohit - Philips
Ravi Prakash Gupta


- After Perl in 2010
Ravi Prakash Gupta - Novartis
Jagadeesh H

Teaching was very good. Each concepts were explained very well.

- After Linux in 2009
Jagadeesh H - Fidelity Investments
Rahul Kanagal

Emphasis on definitions was good. Concepts were presented in a logical way. Challenges stimulated us to think well. This course removed my apprehensions about C++ and has prepared me for my project. Thanks to CyberPlus.

- After C & C++ in 2007
Rahul Kanagal - Cadence Design Systems
Rajarathnam S.

Teaching was really very good. No as such improvements are needed. It was excellently organized and every intricacy in C and Linux is taught as much as it is possible and real excellent job. Course materials were not as excellent as the teaching was. Basically, the user friendliness can be improved very much. Examples, more explanations on concepts. I really felt good of the training I got in C so expect Nagesh Sir to come and train on other computer concepts in 2nd sem also.

- After Linux & C in 2005
Rajarathnam S. - L&T Infotech
Rati Ranjan

Teaching is excellent. This is the best computer class I had ever attended.

- After Linux in 2012
Rati Ranjan - Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology
Geeta Khatwani

The way teaching was organized is good. Most of the doubts are also cleared. Technical concepts are explained in a simple manner with real-time examples. Course material is well designed, which helps in recalling things that is taught in class.

- After Java in 2003-2006
Geeta Khatwani - Verizon Wireless
Sagar Raturi

You are a GOLDSMITH. I never knew I could understand computer. You made me do so. I am positive there is even no single corner for improvement. Salutes to you. Most certainly you are very supportive & friendly, very rarely do we encounter such teachers.

- After Linux in 2012
Sagar Raturi - University of Cambridge
Sagar S. Desai

Suggestions? Not really. This is the last class so at end all I would like to say is that after all the 3 semesters, I probably am not a good programmer yet, but a year ago I had no clue what programming was, no idea as to what # include <stdio.h> did, but today I am helping juniors, colleagues and basically writing programs. Nagesh Sir got me thinking and put me on a path... Now probably I thrive to code better! Kudos to him, *wow*!

- After HTML, SQL, CGI & XML in 2014
Sagar S. Desai - IISc
Sheshagiri S.Rao

Classroom training is good, some more illustrations are needed in course materials, Some more hands on experience required.

- After Linux in 2007
Sheshagiri S.Rao - Discover Financial Services
Pratima Choudhary

Teaching was very good. We need Perl classes, Java classes.

- After Linux & C in 2005
Pratima Choudhary - INC Research
Supti Mukhopadhyay

The methodical way of building up of logic is really good. I have not found any teacher explaining logic better.

- After Linux & C in 2004
Supti Mukhopadhyay - Nimhans
Ajay Kumar Tirkey

Demo classes are really helpful. It provides confidence and idea about writing program.

- After C++ in 2012
Ajay Kumar Tirkey - Quanticate International Limited
Maria Sonnet T. F.

The teaching was really good, all the pros and cons on each topic were dealt with, as it was taught by a skilled person. Improvements like concentrating or allotting more time for subject for a particular period time can make the learning easier, like dealing only with C or Linux till the end.

- After Linux & C in 2003
Maria Sonnet T. F. - Quintiles
Neeraj Shukla

I feel teaching was good. It was very knowledgeable.

- After Linux Administration in 2011
Neeraj Shukla - Alcatel Lucent
D. Sasi Kumar

Gave a better perspective of Java especially with those real life examples. Good guidance for “Java Swing”, could implement the same for the early classes of Java, for ease of understanding.

- After Java in 2013
D. Sasi Kumar - inStem
Saurabh Kashyap

The way Nagesh Sir teaches is excellent and I think there is no improvement required.

- After Linux & C in 2005
Saurabh Kashyap - Strand Life Sciences
Leela Meenakshi Ganapathi

Teaching was really good other than that no comments.

- After C++ in 2012
Leela Meenakshi Ganapathi - Indegene Life Sciences
Swati Rao


- After Linux in 2009

Satya sir's teaching was really good

- After Perl in 2010
Swati Rao - Quintiles
Nijil K. Babu

Wats Up !!!, It was a beautiful experience to learn and code with you. Thank you so much Sir. Remember us.

- After HTML, SQL, CGI & XML in 2012
Nijil K. Babu - Pharm-Olam International
Greeshma G. T.

Training was good, simple & made so understand easily.

- After Perl in 2010
Greeshma G. T. - InterpretOmics
Suman Kumar Singh

I found the teaching methodology excellent. Can't suggest any improvement now, as for now, I have to improve a lot. Lab assistance was very good. More time in class should be given so that we can improve our logical and programming skills.

- After Linux & C in 2006
Suman Kumar Singh - Schneider Electric
Debasis Panda

No comments on teaching. Much better than I can expect. Lab session is ok. Please teach us PERL & JAVA class.

- After Linux & C in 2005
Debasis Panda - Flomerics
Roopa T. S.

Teaching is very good Sir. I dont think you should make any improvements. I don't depend on course material much. If we read the class notes and listen the lecture carefully it will be enough.

- After Linux in 2012
Roopa T. S. - Qiagen
Mohd. Aamir Waseem Khan

The teaching was very good, conceptual learning . We have learnt two languages in a short span of time. The material's quality is excellent and everything is to the point. Space must provided for making our notes in the course material itself. Everyone's doubts were cleared at that point only in the lab.

- After Perl in 2010
Mohd. Aamir Waseem Khan - ICRISAT
D. Sailaja

Teaching by Nagesh sir is very good for starters like me as it helps us in understanding the concepts clearly. Its much better compared to other coaching centres. Lab assistance is good. They attend us with patience. I like the assistance provided by Amsaraj sir to others.

- After Java in 2006
D. Sailaja - Indian Council of Agricultural Research
Lakshmi Sampath Kumar

Very informative. Dwelt on the basics cleared a lot of doubts and 'myths' about C/C++. We knew how to do it but not Why. Since the teaching was very good course material went unnoticed but will be helpful for reference. Lab assistance was excellent. Assignments were sometimes overwhelming but certainly not unachievable. I will remember all the examples (analogies) to the real world when I come across it in my work. May be it'll make my job less boring.

- After C & C++ in 2008
Lakshmi Sampath Kumar - JP Morgan Chase
Sayantani Ray

It was very good. But sometimes it was very fast to catch up specially after 3 hours continuous classes. Please teach us Perl if possible. Lab session was also good but we want some more lab session. Sir, please come back in our 2nd semester.

- After Linux & C in 2005
Sayantani Ray - Praxis Business School
Nisha Tripathi

Teaching is best. No improvements required. Course material provided is very good. It helps us in gaining knowledge

- After Linux in 2012
Nisha Tripathi - IISER
Prajwal Shetty

Teaching is excellent.

- After Linux in 2011
Prajwal Shetty - Intel
Shweta Singh

Teaching was excellent. Lab assistance was very good.

- After C++, MySQL, CGI, Java in 2007
Shweta Singh - IBAB
Ameya S. Chaubal

May be because of time constraint, the speed seemed to be on faster side, but all in all was great.

- After Linux & C in 2004
Ameya S. Chaubal - DuPont
Nadeem Ahmed V.

Very friendly environment and in depth teaching. Comparing what we learned and what other language equivalent and its just tempting to have one more course. Questions asked in the class on very simple but tricky is very very appreciable. Marvelous!

- After Linux & C in 2003
Nadeem Ahmed V. - Dart NeuroScience LLC
Purvi Shah

The teaching was really good. It was the first time where we got our concepts right in one go.

- After C in 2008
Purvi Shah - Delphi
Deepti jain

Teaching was excellent. Lab assistance was excellent and the trainers were very helpful and supportive too.

- After Linux in 2009
Deepti jain - Philips Research Centre
Inder Rawal

The teaching methodology is great. The small sessions should be taken everyday. The course material is compact, and reliable and I don' t think there is a need of improvement. The lab assistance provided is excellent, not much improvements.

- After Linux in 2011
Inder Rawal - Novartis
Uddipan Sharma

Teaching is good. Nothing is to be improved. Anyways there are slow learners and they take time to be fine polished. That doesn't mean that course was by any means bad.

- After Linux & C in 2004
Uddipan Sharma - German Cancer Research
Pradeep Pandurangi V.

Teaching is very good. Concepts were made really interesting.

- After C & C++ in 2007
Pradeep Pandurangi V. - Qualcomm
Manoj K. M.

The teaching was good with practical examples

- After Java in 2011
Manoj K. M. - Sandvine
Ashutosh Tripathy

Teaching was excellent. For the first time I come across such a teaching person who has command in his voice and has power to motivate all and keep all the students very active. Course material: for a beginner it is very good. It provides depth theory of all aspects of Linux and C.

- After Linux & C in 2005
Ashutosh Tripathy - Tech Mahindra
Nirupama Biswal

The teaching imparted is excellent. The course material provided is also very good, it has scope for elaboration though. The lab assistance is excellent, but there must be some more lab sessions interspersed through the week.

- After Linux & C in 2006
Nirupama Biswal - Novartis
Anshu Prabhakar

Class teaching is very good. Lab assistance is is definitely very good.

- After Linux in 2011
Anshu Prabhakar - Jai Health
Ojaswini Pandey

Teaching was really nice. Not only many concepts are clear but also there is enhanced interest in the subject which is very important for the students of non-computer background. Lab sessions were really helpful. Instructors were very friendly and explained the things very nicely. Thanks for co operation. Course material is good. Little more explanation is required.

- After Linux & C in 2005

Teaching was quite comprehensive,focused and well organised. Course material is nicely structured. Lab assistance was very supportive.

- After Java in 2005
Ojaswini Pandey - Cellworks
Poornima Helene Ravi

Though I had a paper in 'C' in my 1st year B.Tech biotechnology course, I couldn't get a base on C. After the course, though I'm not an expert, I'm sure I've got a good base. I found the classroom teaching better than the course material in the case of C. The linux course material is good. The lab assistance is also good but they should spend some time with students to explain it since everybody need not have the same grasping power.

- After Linux & C in 2006
Poornima Helene Ravi - Biolink Australia
Sachin Sadasivan

The teaching was really good. I think it won't be a bad idea to increase the no. of days so that we can learn more.

- After Linux in 2007
Sachin Sadasivan - Ericsson
Rohith B. C.

The teaching was very effective. Each and every aspects were emphasized in a way which wants us to learn more about the subject. We, would like to know more about Linux. Thank You Sir.

- After Linux in 2011

Teaching was excellent. More classes would have helped us to understand better.

- After Java in 2012
Rohith B. C. - Novartis
Kiran Singh

Presentation skills & explaining the concepts is very good. Like to have more hands on in the class so prepare some small assignments which can be done in the class. It is a very good course material. At the end of the course material suggest some good books, and websites which can be used for additional info.

- After C & C++ in 2003-2006

Teaching and coverage was excellent. The way you have explained basic concepts is too good.

- After Java in 2003-2006

Teaching and presentation is very good.

- After Advanced Linux in 2003-2006
Kiran Singh - VMWare
Ansu Kumar

Way of teaching is excellent. Specially, Linux part. C part was also excellent, but we need programming practice.

- After Linux & C in 2005
Ansu Kumar - Cellworks
M. Ravi Kumar

Excellent clarity in explanation of topics; ONCE IN A LIFETIME EXPERIENCE. Lab session was very nice; sometimes very difficult programs were given; Very nice team from CyberPlus to guide. Sir, you were little fast in pointers. It would have been better if you could have demonstrated some programs for better understanding. Everything else was Excellent.

- After Linux & C in 2005
M. Ravi Kumar - C-CAMP
Mohamed Sithik N.

He is really good at language( literally and programatically).

- After C++ in 2010
Mohamed Sithik N. - Cisco
Nishank K.

No improvements, my complements for Satya sir. Please provide as many classes possible for each course, because this is the first time we are being introduced to technical languages.

- After Perl in 2010
Nishank K. - Thrombosis Research Centre
Dr. Nischith J. Shetty

I sincerely feel that course could not have been any better. Its as good as it can get.

- After Linux in 2012
Dr. Nischith J. Shetty - Shodhaka Life Sciences
Amith Ram M. P.

The ideas given during training is really awesome. Seriously wondering how you get those ideas so fast.

- After Java in 2011
Amith Ram M. P. - Openstream
Pooja D. G.

Teaching was good

- After Linux in 2009
Pooja D. G. - Infosys
Kirtana Srinivas Arcot

The teaching is very well done as everyone can understand and learn no matter of how much computer experience they have. The course material contains everything that we need to know and very informative. Lab assistance is very helpful as it rectifies one problem immediately and ensures we are on the right path.

- After Linux in 2012
Kirtana Srinivas Arcot - Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
Saqib Chinoy

Mr. Nagesh is Neptune! (God of C)! I think CyberPlus must introduce Perl for students too. Teaching is effective as concepts introduced are clear and examples are strong for students. Cyberplus must teach Perl and perhaps advanced C as an additional module. I think it is relevant and beneficial to bio-informatics & system management.

- After Linux & C in 2003
Saqib Chinoy - APT Life Sciences
Icchit Sharma

Nagesh Sir should come everyday if possible. Would like more material on Linux across various vendors. Lab assistance was good, sufficient in nature.

- After Linux in 2011
Icchit Sharma - Biocon
Anuj Kumar Tyagi

Teaching is good and he starts from the basics and Sir explains the reason behind everything.

- After C++, MySQL, CGI, Java in 2007
Anuj Kumar Tyagi - Cellworks
Paridhi Agarwala

Teaching was very good because you started with basics assuming that we dont know much and you went in depth regarding each and every concepts. Most of the myths got cleared by the end of the course. Programs were interesting and you could have given more of them.

- After C & C++ in 2008
Paridhi Agarwala - DoubleDutch
Y. S. Pradeep Acharya

Teaching by Nagesh Sir is tuly very good. Specific precise & understandable way of teaching.

- After C in 2013

Teaching is very good, but there has to be more practical classes, so that we can practice.

- After Java in 2013

Keep going in the same way fantastic teaching. Please include some more examples in the course material and it'll be fine. Lab assistance is fantastic. No suggestion but we definitely miss your teaching.

- After HTML, SQL, CGI & XML in 2014
Y. S. Pradeep Acharya - Novartis
Komal Singh Sandhu

Teaching was very good. Lab assistance was good.

- After C++, MySQL, CGI, Java in 2007
Komal Singh Sandhu - Strand Life Sciences
Sudeshna Banerjee

The teaching was excellent truly enjoyed every bit of it. As for improvements it is just perfect. Material was good.

- After C++, MySQL, CGI, Java in 2007
Sudeshna Banerjee - Freelance blogger
T. R. Ramalingam

Presentation skills of Nagesh are good.

- After Advanced Linux in 2003-2006
T. R. Ramalingam - ECI Telecom
Sanjana Rao

The teaching was really good – first time computers was not a dry subject for a biologist.

- After Linux & C in 2004
Sanjana Rao - ETH Zurich

Best trainer I have ever learned from.

- After Advanced Linux in 2011
Parimal - Capgemini
Dr. Abhishek Joshi

The teaching here has been excellent. I came here not knowing a zip about computers, now I feel I can converse with my younger brother who is a project manager. Thank you Nagesh Sir. Sir, please have a few classes on Perl. Lab session have been a learning experience. We practiced everything that was taught in class under the keen scrutinizing eyes of Nagesh Sir & his staff members. I'll be honest & say I used to jot down everything that was taught in class and just go through it I found it more informative than the course material. Improvements: How can you improve upon perfection?

- After Linux & C in 2005
Dr. Abhishek Joshi - Cytel
Rajeev Kumar

The pace of teaching should get a bit slow. Explanation and way of expression is crystal clear. There is ample opportunity to ask doubts.

- After Linux & C in 2005
Rajeev Kumar - Strand Life Sciences
Ankur Sinha

Teaching was great. The style of teaching is too good.

- After C & C++ in 2007
Ankur Sinha - Honeywell
Anushree N. Bhat

The teaching was really excellent especially the question answer round helped us a lot. Course material is very good.

- After Linux in 2012
Anushree N. Bhat - NCBS
Saumya Rai

Sir, your teaching is excellent. I was illiterate about computers when I joined this course. Just because my curiosity in computers. That is all because of you. So thank you for being our teacher.

- After Linux & C in 2005
Saumya Rai - Accenture
Dr. Rakesh Kumar

Interesting... I never thought I could learn programming language. But at the end I feel as if its easy.

- After Linux & C in 2004
Dr. Rakesh Kumar - GSK
Sneha Kundu

Nagesh Sir taught very well using simple concepts and easy to understand examples.

- After C & C++ in 2011
Sneha Kundu - Wipro
Prakash Kumar Mohanty

It was very good. The style in which it was taught we are able to do coding by ourself today. In lab we were allowed to solve problems by ourself were we exposed to lots of learning, complex error were solved.

- After C++, MySQL, CGI, Java in 2007
Prakash Kumar Mohanty - Oracle
Sina K. Vivekanandan

Teaching was very good. Good assistance was provided.

- After C++, MySQL, CGI, Java in 2007
Sina K. Vivekanandan - National Centre for Disease Informatics and Research
Saumya Ann George

The tutor was perfect and has a good knowledge of the subject.

- After C & C++ in 2011
Saumya Ann George - Intel
Chitra Thakur

This session was the best amongst all the session. I feel I have learnt a lot.

- After C++, MySQL, CGI, Java in 2007
Chitra Thakur - Sonata
Sunitha Yadav

The teaching was very good. I have developed a genuine interest in programming after having been taught by this set of teachers. I just wish that this was a longer duration course so we gained a better understanding especially for students like me who had no inclination/interest in this field. But I thank you very much for generating interest in me. I hope you will be able to solve my problems regarding C.

- After Linux & C in 2006
Sunitha Yadav - Fast Enterprises
Madhusudhan M.

Teaching was undoubtedly very good. But i feel it could have been slower.

- After Java in 2006

The coaching was good enough. I personally liked the material - I feel it is informative enough. Lab assistance has aiways been good. Sometimes, teachers stay back after class hours also to help us out.

- After Perl in 2006
Madhusudhan M. - Thermo Fisher Scientific
Soumya Vijay

The teaching was excellent. The paradigm was thought in a very different, clear way (not found in any text book I have read). Thank You. Thank you for giving a good insight into all concepts and application of C and C++. Hope to have a training on advanced C++ later on too.

- After C & C++ in 2003-2006

Presentation of every concept was very clear along with appropriate illustrations. The assignments helped apply our knowledge .The sessions were very interactive .It would have probably been more helpful,if these were 1 or 2 tests just as an assessment of how we have retained. Course material is well organized, found this material better than the C/C++. The training was very useful .The approach towards OOP in C++ was strengthened in this course. The constant emphasis in this differences b/w C++ and Java helped me not to forget C++.

- After Java in 2003-2006
Soumya Vijay - Microsoft
Mihika Sharma

Time and effort put by the teacher is great. However as a student I need to put in a while more. Lab sessions are highly interactive and teachers help out really nicely.

- After Linux in 2014

The teaching was very precise and unambiguous. The classes were very structured and helped build relations between them. Lab sessions are one of the most interactive and informative part of the course.

- After C in 2014

The teaching was appropriate for the course we have. The concepts were cleared and classes made Java relatively easy. The course material provided fulfilled the basic requirements and also made it easy to relate to the previous knowledge of C & C++ concepts. Aditya sir was very interactive during the lab sessions

- After Java in 2015
Mihika Sharma - GSK
Swetha M. Shenoy

Most innovative and interesting approach of teaching.

- After C & C++ in 2003-2006
Swetha M. Shenoy - Marvel Entertainment
Renuka N.

Teaching was very good. Grep portions did not have enough examples. Practise lab sessions were really good. All help was rendered.

- After Linux in 2009

Teaching was very good. Everything was explained very patiently. Satya sir was very good. Lab assistance was good.

- After Perl in 2010
Renuka N. - Strand Life Sciences
Pooja Bhal

The overall training was very helpful.

- After Perl in 2009
Pooja Bhal - EMC
Akshata N. Alegavi

Very good teaching, I have gained more knowledge

- After Linux in 2016
Akshata N. Alegavi - Comptel
Manjari Deshmukh

All teachers are very nice especially Nagesh Sir is the best teacher I have ever seen. Only imrovement possible is time managment in class i.e more practical session without evaluation. Linux course material is very good.

- After Linux in 2009
Manjari Deshmukh - InterpretOmics
Vineet Joshi

Perfect blend of theory with practical. Good number of examples were covered with hands on training.

- After C++ in 2014
Vineet Joshi - Altiostar
Manikanta K.

The way of teaching is excellent and lots of concept were cleared after the completion of this training.

- After Linux in 2012

Way of teaching is very good. Sufficient examples were shown.

- After Advanced Linux in 2012
Manikanta K. - Radio Mobile Access
P. Shamantha

Teaching is really good. I was wondering, how can a person stand for 8 hours (9 to 5) on the first day. It could have been more better if intensity/frequency of the words would be little less. But overall teaching is really really good. No comparison with other institutes. I think, lab assistance is very good. It could have been even more excellent if more lab assistants are provided.

- After Linux & C in 2006

Sir, I think no one would have been enough patient than you to clear all our silly doubts. I think classroom teaching is really excellent except the frequency of flow of words should be low.

- After Java in 2006
P. Shamantha - Feedback Consulting
Laura L. Fernandes

Teaching is perfect, well-informed, extremely clear cut examples, good rapport with students and a sense of direction and purpose for each lecture. Course material is well prepared, synchronized well with the classes. more examples and a little more of explanation would be preferred. Continue forming bonds with students, sharing personal experiences which provide a lot of insight to the students.

- After Linux & C in 2003
Laura L. Fernandes - FDA
Ninan M. Luke


- After Linux in 2009

Nice teaching, my appreciation to Satya sir. The course material is good, really good.

- After Perl in 2010
Ninan M. Luke - Novartis
Sangita S. Sarangi

Teaching is really excellent. I didn't know anything about any language of computer but now I am learning something about computer. Whatever lab assistance has been provided is really excellent. I have cleared my fundamental doubts and also very silly things about computers. Entirely, the computer course is very good. But still, we need to be taught a bit more on basics of computer hardware.

- After Linux & C in 2006

Everything is great so nothing to write(suggest). I learned the computer course which is great thing for me.

- After Perl in 2006
Sangita S. Sarangi - Molecular Connections
Dr. Isani Mishra

Teaching was excellent and to the best effort. The concept fundamentals one could impart to a novice in computers was very clear.

- After Linux & C in 2004
Dr. Isani Mishra - GE Healthcare
Omprakash Ranakoti

From my view the teaching was excellent and as I am from bio background, I felt very much comfortable with programming and still learning more which concept I got from good teaching.

- After Linux & C in 2004
Omprakash Ranakoti - Genpact
Bharath B.

It was a excellent coverage.

- After C++, MySQL, CGI, Java in 2007
Bharath B. - Biobase
Kanchan Pai

I liked it as the theory is always linked to a story. The lab assistance help us a lot and make us understand till we are satisfied to their answers.

- After Linux & C in 2006
Kanchan Pai - Encora
Surya Kumar Senapati

I really find the way of teaching very good. The way you make the whole class active and involved is just praise-worthy.

- After Linux & C in 2003
Surya Kumar Senapati - Amazon
Saurabh Gupta

Teaching was superb, I have cleared almost all my doubts. Course material is very good, in a very simple language. One or two blank pages can be added after every chapter so that the student can make notes.

- After Perl in 2010
Saurabh Gupta - University of Potsdam
Suamya Srivastava

I liked your approach of teaching. It was very systematic and your way of explaining everything in detail was very good. It did make me develop an interest in computer programing so I'm happy with the course.

- After Linux & C in 2004
Suamya Srivastava - Connexious Life Sciences
Pragati Jain

Remain as you are. You are just excellent. I learned many things from you. I can say, when there is less time, don't go very fast. You're an idol teacher for me. Above all, you raise my interest in C. At the end, I can say that I like Linux like anything.

- After Linux & C in 2004
Pragati Jain - Messy Fractals
Srividya V.

The classes were very interesting.

- After Linux in 2009

Thank you Sir! File handling was very nice. Well understood. Well practiced (Had enough questions for practice).

- After Perl in 2010
Srividya V. - Translational Research Institute
Suzanne Marie

Training was excellent. Lot of clarity. But would suggest to reduce the speed of teaching. Course material is pretty explanatory.

- After Linux in 2009

Satya Sir is very approachable as always. He tries his best to explain everything we ask.

- After Perl in 2010
Suzanne Marie - GSK
Purva Kulkarni

Classroom session was good and all doubts were clarified in the class itself. Material is descriptive and easy to read. Project assigned to each student, a good thing to implement to give hands on training.

- After C++, MySQL, CGI, Java in 2007
Purva Kulkarni - Premier Biosoft
Neelam Agrawal

The teaching is very conceptual and good. The material is good &andinformative and is best utilized if classes are attended regularly & sincerely.

- After Linux & C in 2004
Neelam Agrawal - Hoffman La Roche
Abhishek Chhibbar

No improvement. It was excellent.

- After Linux & C in 2006
Abhishek Chhibbar - Decision Resources Group
R. Logesh

Teaching methods are good. For just 6 classes, this much detailed book has been wonderful. I like the way it has designed, especially contents are detailed for quick reference. Manoj sir, Murugan sir, Amsarajan sir all did their job very well. I won't ask questions in the lab, they have explained me topics from the basic and to my level of understanding. Very good.

- After Perl in 2006
R. Logesh - Jubiliant Biosys
Avani S. Deshpande

Awesome teaching by Nagesh Sir. All doubts cleared in class itself. All the points are covered in the course material with solved and unsolved questions in large numbers. Lab assistance: Very helpful and patient but instead of giving the code directly when similar problems encountered by all, the approach to the code should be told i.e. the logic behind it.

- After C in 2013

Teaching is very good. Concepts clear about HTML, SQL, XML, CGI Perl

- After HTML, SQL, CGI & XML in 2014
Avani S. Deshpande - Novartis
Swarnali Louha

The teaching by Nagesh sir was very good though the speed is too much at times. As far as the assistance in lab, Satya sir's explanation was great.

- After Linux in 2009

Teaching is very nice

- After Perl in 2010
Swarnali Louha - University of Georgia
Aravinda H. B.

Excellent teaching very much informative.

- After Python in 2016
Aravinda H. B. - Unisys
Prakhar Gaur

Nagesh sir no doubt is the best. Never had a teacher like him. It's due to him I have fallen in love with Linux

- After Linux in 2009
Prakhar Gaur - CHG
Prasoon Agarwal

I don't have the prior knowledge of computers before coming here but my personal views are that your teaching method of computers is pretty good.

- After Linux & C in 2004
Prasoon Agarwal - EC Proteomics and Bioinformatics
Thejas M. S.

Undergoing the C course was professional, concepts were coherent. Course material is useful after classroom coaching. It would be very useful if the concepts taught are explained with all examples (as taught in class). Lab assistance is excellent. Concepts and implementation are bridged, which is quite very good. Roopa madam is excellent as she gives more ideas than asked for. Thank you very much.

- After C in 2013

Teaching is excellent as always. In terms of student prospects it would be highly beneficial if the previous concepts are revisited for few minutes. Java project practice helped us revisit the concepts and was or good experience . I am thankful for the insights provided during lab sessions.

- After Java in 2013
Thejas M. S. - Novartis
Anil Kumar Kesarwani

Very nice, in fact, strictly speaking no one can be better than you as long as you don't teach very fast. I can't keep pace with you sometimes when you teach very fast. Very good lab session b'coz it never given any chance to sleep after lunch. Its too informative course material as it contains comparative statements. It provides many examples, but not in good sufficient amount. Provide some more lectures specially on PERL & JAVA. Please never leave IBAB

- After Linux & C in 2005
Anil Kumar Kesarwani - Yale Cancer Center
Shelendra Singh Pawar

Teaching was very wonderful and it was very much fun to learn with a light environment in class. No improvements required. Its all superb. The Lab sessions was good as he made us think on ourself to solve some problems. Overall the classes were great and it will be more good if Nagesh Sir will take our other programming classes as well.

- After Linux in 2012
Shelendra Singh Pawar - GSK
Sreya Hillol Ghosh

The teaching is excellent and any doubts we have were immediately cleared.

- After Linux in 2012
Sreya Hillol Ghosh - Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology
Niharika R.

The Teaching is really good. Course material can be easily understood and good.

- After C & C++ in 2011
Niharika R. - Philips
Neharika Sharma

Teaching was too good. I think I have become quite comfortable in Linux. This is all because of excellent teaching. Computers has been taught in such an understandable way that it would be helpful through out the life. I had never thought that it would be helpful through out the life. I had never thought that computers will be taught starting from the basics level inspite of events present in the class. According to me the course material was quite good - what was taught in the class was present in the material.

- After Linux in 2009

Perl is in much better conditions as compared to the start and end of C. I hope you understood Satya sir was very nice and much better. But Nagesh sir no one like you. Some are very good in both sense - knowledge and nature. Vinod sir was very good and very helpful. Sir but please try not to send new people we are comfortable with the old ones. Whenever you send new people we take time to adjust and during practices sessions we don't have that much time.

- After Perl in 2010
Neharika Sharma - GSK
H . K . Vidya

Teaching was very good. This method can be continued.

- After Perl in 2010
H . K . Vidya - Strand Life Sciences
Shipra Verma

The teaching is really good and helped us a lot to understand.

- After Linux in 2011
Shipra Verma - Novartis
Ganesh Kamath

Teaching was of the best I had ever attended. The examples given were good. Lab assistance was very good.

- After C & C++ in 2008
Ganesh Kamath - Nvidia
Chitresh Sharma

Teaching was superb. We grasped everything(even being a non-computer background person). Lab assistance was fantastic. But I feel more time must be given for lab session since in the prescribed schedule, it is quite tough to finish all. Course material is very precise and to the point. Advanced topics in C like stacks/queries/binary trees etc. and some websites to take up online tests may be provided. It was fun to be in the class. Thank you Sir.

- After Linux & C in 2005
Chitresh Sharma - L'Oreal
Vipin Vilas Mohite

As usual it was fabulous. Thank you Sirji!!!

- After HTML, SQL, CGI & XML in 2012
Vipin Vilas Mohite - Biocon
Somlin Panda

I found it very clear & interesting. Also very interactive.

- After Linux & C in 2005
Somlin Panda - CSC
Ashish Kumar

This was a fantastic experience to me. I did not know what is computer language. But after teaching, I know better than other institute students. Lab assistance was excellent. They helped whatever our doubts very patiently.

- After Linux & C in 2006

The classroom teaching is excellent if Nagesh Sir is teaching. No doubt in this.

- After Java in 2006
Ashish Kumar - Cellworks
Pallavi Sharma

Teaching is excellent. The examples given are good and small, small issues are dealt very carefully. The teaching made sure that the concepts enter the student mind. All doubts have answered and cleared. Improvement as such i'll say it was perfect and I would like to join for some other advance course at Cyberplus. At no point in the class i felt bored, it was a very lively, interactive and enthusiastic teaching. Course material is precise and well prepared. Just reading it after every class helped me to recollect what has been taught. The examples given here are helpful &so the exercises. You can add some more concepts and extra examples.

- After Linux & C in 2003
Pallavi Sharma - 5 Elements Learning
Avik Mandal

Excellent teaching. Thus, I can't suggest any further improvements. The material consists of everything, but it should contain much more examples.

- After Linux & C in 2006
Avik Mandal - Philips Healthcare
Gayatri T.

Unique, nice and understandable. Course material is very useful & handy; gives basic information which is essential to building a strong foundation in the subject.

- After Linux & C in 2005
Gayatri T. - University of Mannitoba
Zahra Altaf

Teaching is good, clear, attentive, interesting. Please please please!!! Do need class on Java, Perl. You are Great!

- After Linux & C in 2005
Zahra Altaf - GSK
Akanksha Mishra

NO IMPROVEMENTS. Absolutely perfect. A million thanks to give impositions not to forget 'morning question session'. I would be glad if you take our Perl classes too. Wish to see you again in 2nd semester.

- After Linux & C in 2005

Teaching was very good. It was made simpler, hence difficult concepts were also explained in a very simple way. It was really good. No improvement required.

- After Java in 2005
Akanksha Mishra - Brickworks
Anurag Khanduri

Teaching is excellent. We learned so much. Improvements: discuss more examples in the class. I find course material are so compact, helpful in vision. Try to add some more solved examples.

- After Linux & C in 2006

Teaching is good but I think one should gave more example to illustrate. But I feel it's the best method how one can teach in such a short term. Lab assistance is good, faculty is quite interactive.

- After Java in 2006

Teaching is very good. Course material is good and self-explanatory. Lab assistance is good.

- After Perl in 2006
Anurag Khanduri - INC Research
Soumyabrataa Kundu

It was really in the literal sense excellent. I learnt C before & Linux was new to me, but I got really a new perspective of the entire thing. Really enjoyed Tuesdays and Thursdays (days of your classes). The days after the end of which I really felt that I got 100% out of it.

- After Linux & C in 2006

Never underwent such classes, really Nagesh Sir's classes are an asset forever. Thank you for all your help & support, for opening a completely new window to view what programming is and how an ideal teacher should be.

- After Perl in 2006
Soumyabrataa Kundu - Oracle
Adwait Mevada

Your method of teaching is very good. It would be even better if you can give more examples on functions, pointers, arrays, recursion. Addition of problems related to biological computing will be an added benefit.

- After Linux & C in 2004
Adwait Mevada - Ganpat University
Tharvesh Moideen L.

Teaching is best. I could understand the clear concepts of Linux. I knew Linux before but now I could understand the process behind it. The lab assistance is good, we could practice and clear the doubts easily.

- After Linux in 2012
Tharvesh Moideen L. - CNRS
Poornima Subash

Excellent teaching. Using real life examples in class really helped. Thank you for making computers and programming languages seem much easier and interesting than I felt a year back.

- After C++, MySQL, CGI, Java in 2007
Poornima Subash - Inventure Academy
Kuldeep Batharia

Very good, presentation style, way of tackling the questions. Could have been more hands on.

- After Java in 2011
Kuldeep Batharia - Avaya
Neela Kumar

The teacher was very good in communicating his ideas across to students. His knowledge in depth, about the subject was very obvious. I can think of no improvement that can be made.

- After Linux & C in 2003
Neela Kumar - GSK
Anshul Vaidya

Teaching was interactive with a stress on fundamentals & logical reasoning. Course material is thorough & descriptive.

- After Linux & C in 2004
Anshul Vaidya - Siri Technologies
Subbalakshmi P. S. S.

Dear Sir, you are the best teacher as far as teaching comp. sc. is concerned. I could touch computer and do something on it and only that is possible because of you. Thank you very much Sir. You can be a bit slower. Sir, please do teach Perl and Java for us. Please do send monthly assignments for us to work (once in a month only).

- After Linux & C in 2005
Subbalakshmi P. S. S. - Quintiles
Dr. Abhineeta Kumari

Teaching is very good. Explanations were given very clearly. Question & Answer rounds were good.

- After Linux & C in 2004
Dr. Abhineeta Kumari - Novartis
Pradnya Shelke

I like the way you taught C and Linux. It was really great.

- After Linux & C in 2004
Pradnya Shelke - Naprod Life Sciences
Anshu Singh

Excellent. Take Java Sir.

- After C++ in 2013
Anshu Singh - 3i Molecular Solutions and Healthcare

Its awesome

- After C in 2013

Teaching is good. I am satisfied though it is fast.

- After Java in 2013

Teaching is good, we should have more classes for the completion of assigned syllabus.

- After HTML, SQL, CGI & XML in 2014
Monika - IISc
Arunangshu Banerjee

The overall training session was very planned and helpful. The presentation and hands on were done in a very good way. Best wishes.

- After Java in 2007

The overall training session was very good and very helpful. Really we had a great time, enjoyed learning and the most important aspect was that the interest was created in a very good manner.

- After Linux in 2007
Arunangshu Banerjee - Cerner
Lisver Paul Emmatty

Teaching was wonderful during the complete term of the course. All the basics were touched upon & every query was answered with good answers. The knowledge and skill level of the teacher was excellent.

- After Linux & C in 2003
Lisver Paul Emmatty - Core Services
Rakshit Chaudhary

It was great. Linux was really good and I suppose we got great knowledge in that short period.

- After Linux in 2009
Rakshit Chaudhary - Imperial Life Sciences
Naveen Kumar H.

Excellent teaching and lab assistance.

- After C++, MySQL, CGI, Java in 2007
Naveen Kumar H. - Infosys
Dinbandhu Tiwary

Teaching is very good.

- After C++, MySQL, CGI, Java in 2007
Dinbandhu Tiwary - IBM
Sudheendra Rao K.

Teaching was good. The way of explaining the concepts were good. Sense of humour was also good.

- After C++, MySQL, CGI, Java in 2007
Sudheendra Rao K. - Monsanto
K. Shobha

Teaching was excellent. After this course, I am feeling more professional than before. I got more confidence in me.

- After Linux & C in 2006
K. Shobha - INC Research
Syama Chandran

Teaching is so good. For my B.Tech, I had C, but I learned so many things when I came here. I could understand from the basics. Course material is good. From that, I could study commands very easily. In the course material, you can have more worked out programs. Lab assistance is good. I got the help whenever I needed.

- After Linux & C in 2006

It was really good.

- After Perl in 2006
Syama Chandran - IISc
Vasundhara B.

I liked the way you teach. I always believe understanding will not be complete without knowing the background. You managed to make us understand why and what happens in the 'blind dumb box' when intelligence plays around. Your course material was good. I think it gave good idea and insight on the subjects.

- After Linux & C in 2003
Vasundhara B. - Exceleron
Anvita Gupta

Teaching was excellent and perfect. I have never studied computers before but after these classes I can say I know computers. These are the best classes I have attended. Thank you Sir. Course material is very good reference material; nice for quick revision. Sir please come for our Perl classes.

- After Linux & C in 2005

It was really good. Initially I didn't like the language (JAVA) but now i can clearly see the advantages of JAVA over Perl.

- After Java in 2005
Anvita Gupta - AstraZeneca
Ipsita Abalokita

Teaching is really excellent as it goes in a very systematic way which makes it easy to understand. Assistance is good it helps us to clarify our doubts.

- After C++, MySQL, CGI, Java in 2007
Ipsita Abalokita - Biobase
Sachin D. Patil

Excellent. I was not known about any computer language before the course but after the course, exactly due to the excellent teaching which clear my ideas, I feel well in that languages. It covers many things in short and clear the idea about that points.

- After Linux & C in 2006

It was really excellent. I got clear ideas about the theory and a lot knowledge. They solve all problems to which we face in lab.

- After Java in 2006

It's excellent. Lab assistance give good guidance on the problems faced during practical session.

- After Perl in 2006
Sachin D. Patil - Goldman Sachs
Shila Padhi

Teaching is good. I liked the classes learnt more about programming languages. Project idea was good gave more idea to know the subject.

- After C++, MySQL, CGI, Java in 2007
Shila Padhi - Biocos
Vidya Chavan

Teaching is very interesting and informative.

- After Java in 2005
Vidya Chavan - University of Reunion
Amritendu Bhattacharya

The teaching was excellent. Though i had C in my under graduation,I had never understood it. I was afraid of C. Now after this course I have the confidence that I can do C. As far as improvements in teaching may be only the timespan should increase(spreadover). Rest no problem.

- After Linux & C in 2005
Amritendu Bhattacharya - PPD
Sridevi Pallem

Very good teaching. Do teach us Java and Perl

- After Linux & C in 2005
Sridevi Pallem - Keyrus Biopharma
Arvind Bhatt H. A.

The course teaching was good. The material was good.

- After Perl in 2009
Arvind Bhatt H. A. - NSN
Chaitra Sarathy

Teaching is extremely good. Fewer topics could be covered in a day.

- After Java in 2013
Chaitra Sarathy - NCBS
Prashanth P.

Teaching, presentation and involvement from presenters side is very good.

- After Perl in 2009
Prashanth P. - Redknee
Neeraj Singh

I think now I am more comfortable with programming; it is because of all your efforts. Course material is very good but in that some more examples of the program should be included. All the teachers help us out their best, so I am very thankful and respect for them and their helps.

- After Linux in 2009

Due to the time constraint Nagesh Sir didn't come for C as well as for Perl, if he comes it will be more beneficial for us. But Satya sir did very well in the absence of the Nagesh sir. Satya sir and Vinod sir are very helpful during the lab sessions, Ganapathi sir came only one day during Perl, so missing them.

- After Perl in 2010
Neeraj Singh - Cognizant
Ayyappan R.

Ya, it was very good & enlightening. Knew many of the basics, strongly & clearly now.

- After Java in 2003-2006
Ayyappan R. - Flipkart
Dr. Rohit Khandelwal

The way of teaching is appreciable, going to the basics and deep in the subject without complicating is really good. I'll suggest that it can be improved through project planning for what time to be taken by which part, as in beginning we were slow and then we did things with a little hurry. So, I think this is to be given a thought.

- After Linux & C in 2003
Dr. Rohit Khandelwal - Novartis
Rafi Shaik

One of the best thing in my life. You have been great, informative, interesting... please try to teach more bio informatics related stuff, prog etc. You can just give to students so that they can work.

- After Linux & C in 2005
Rafi Shaik - Sage IT
Sharayu C. More

It was excellent.

- After Linux in 2009
Sharayu C. More - Novartis
Subramanya Sharma P. K.

Teaching is good

- After Java in 2008

Teaching was good. Material is point to point and has very good information.

- After Linux in 2008
Subramanya Sharma P. K. - Cisco
Jyoti P. R. Pattnayak

Teaching flow was very nice. You kept us involved in the class and lab as well.

- After C++, MySQL, CGI, Java in 2007
Jyoti P. R. Pattnayak - ICON
Sendhil Kumar S.

Teaching was really good. Whenever there was a linux class I used to rush to classroom. Very interesting. Nothing to improve. It was the finest I have attended so far about an operating system.

- After Linux in 2009

Time duration to each a language is very very less, but overall (only 3 classes) enjoyed the classes, both Nagesh sir and satya sir classes were good. Course material was quite useful, compressed and simpler.

- After Perl in 2010
Sendhil Kumar S. - GSK
Jamuna Yadhav R.

No complaints, no suggestions, it's good as it went on.

- After Perl in 2010
Jamuna Yadhav R. - Strand Life Sciences

I got my concepts cleared well so I found it good.

- After C++ in 2013
Abha - Cellworks
Akanksha Sharma

Teaching was very informative and quite helpful. Theory & practical both were useful. Course material is very helpful for referring the concepts in future.

- After Linux in 2009
Akanksha Sharma - Capital One
Kailash N. R.

It was very good,especially the logical part was explained very clearly.

- After Linux & C in 2004
Kailash N. R. - Quintiles
Anusha Swamy

Teaching is great!!. Concepts are very clear. Whatever I know in C/C++ today its coz of you Sir. Course material is concise and easy to recollect. Letting us think before giving out the actual implementations, it was the best part about lab assistance. Thank you sir.

- After C & C++ in 2008
Anusha Swamy - EdGE Networks
R. Ayana

All the examples rendered made me understand the whole subject very well. More than the material we concentrated on the lectures and we found them to be enough. Lab assistance was proper and well managed.

- After HTML, SQL, CGI & XML in 2012
R. Ayana - Shiv Nadar University

The trainer had a very good knowledge and the way he taught was excellent

- After Python in 2016
Rakshith - Unisys
Purushottam Sharma

Sir, everything is fine, you should ask more & more questions in class.

- After Java in 2006
Purushottam Sharma - Cellworks
Nithish Manoharan

Teaching was very good. Few of the things i learnt was very good, great assistance when needed.

- After C & C++ in 2008
Nithish Manoharan - Inventure
Kartik Rajan

The teaching was excellent. With regards to improvements, all I can think of is if we were given more varied programs to work out in the lab. Keep up the brilliant work!

- After Linux & C in 2006
Kartik Rajan - Novartis
Nanda Pandey

Teaching was really excellent but I feel at times, we should have got more time to get the concept more clearly.

- After Linux & C in 2006
Nanda Pandey - Strand Life Sciences
Astha Bajpai

Teaching was good especially OOPS and MYSQL.

- After C++, MySQL, CGI, Java in 2007
Astha Bajpai - Brickworks
Neha Srivastava

Without exagerrating, I would like to say it was too good, before also I have undergone C training but couldn't build the concepts. Now I'm better than what I was. As per improvements, if you'll go a bit slow it will be easier and we'll grasp much. The course material is good, precise and to the point. Good for quick reference. No suggestions as such. I would like to see CyberPlus growing day by day. Confidence of teaching students is the best part I liked about it.

- After Linux & C in 2006

It was really good but we should have spent more time for Java, the way we did for C (I know it was not possible as Perl was due). It was little too fast. Java course is really interesting and teaching strategy is also good like classroom teaching followed by lab assignment. I think this is the best way one can teach in a short span of time.

- After Java in 2006
Neha Srivastava - GSK
Harsha H. N.

It was the best. Assignments were really good and very helpful.

- After C & C++ in 2008
Harsha H. N. - Elektrobit Automotive
Ambika Prasad Rath

This is not related to the course, please never change your way of teaching. I thought programing is tough, but after listening your classes I felt I can also do something in this field. Thanks for that.

- After Linux & C in 2003
Ambika Prasad Rath - Novartis
Venkatesh K. Prasad

Teaching was very good, as i have no prior knowledge of computer language, But same class for whole day could be revised! There could be some note making space made available in the course material. Other than that its very good.

- After Linux in 2011
Venkatesh K. Prasad - Indian Bank
Amrita Mishra

Teaching was excellent. All the concepts were made clear and everything. Had no problems.

- After Linux & C in 2004
Amrita Mishra - Connexious Life Sciences
Jenny James

Satya Sir's teaching was really good. Lab assistance was really good, every person was given a lot of attention.

- After Perl in 2010
Jenny James - Cytel
Abhijit Paul

No comments on the quality and the way of teaching, for commenting would lead to undermining of the effort Sir took to help we people understand computers & the languages. The course material is very compact. I liked the phrase in them “if you follow the classes and then go through the course material, you need not read any other books”. Great job Sir! Keep the good spirit going.

- After Linux & C in 2004
Abhijit Paul - GSK
Chetan Ankola

Teaching was very professional and the best way one can teach. Perhaps the most effective verbose communication which was very effective.

- After C & C++ in 2008
Chetan Ankola - Yahoo
Gangamma K. K.

Teaching was good.

- After C++, MySQL, CGI, Java in 2007
Gangamma K. K. - Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences
M. Anjana

The concepts were made clear and application wise, the small examples dealt with helped a lot. The course material contains quick references on all important concepts and commands - “a very handy material”. Many students are found to be not good at debugging. During lab sections, students must be made to trouble shoot themselves.

- After Perl in 2010
M. Anjana - Molecular Connections
Chetan Sunil Joshi

Please give me project or include in your project so that I can learn more. Classroom teaching is Very Good. Thank you.

- After C++ in 2012

We enjoy projects. Hope we get some more projects.

- After Java in 2012

Nagesh Sir teaches well. No problems at all. In short Nagesh Sir *always rocks*. Due to clear words I am able to understand to the point. Words are appropriate is very good point. Please continue that. Thank you for being our Teacher.

- After HTML, SQL, CGI & XML in 2012
Chetan Sunil Joshi - GANIT Labs
Pallabi Dasgupta

No suggestions. You are a great teacher. On our last class I want to tell you this. Always keep it up. Keep enlightening the life of other students.

- After Java in 2012
Pallabi Dasgupta - Xcelris Labs
Vikas Sharma

Methodology was too good. A logical subject has been taught in a logical way. For a beginner like me, the course material is excellent. Since everything is touched, for revision also it is quite good.

- After Linux & C in 2003
Vikas Sharma - Accenture
Savitha G. Ananth

The teaching was excellent with respect to the flow, clarifications, explaining concepts and also giving enough hands on practice.

- After Linux & C in 2004
Savitha G. Ananth - ELogic Technologies
Bejoy Jaison

Very good .Good coverage of basics before going to topic

- After Java in 2003-2006
Bejoy Jaison - SMS Management & Technology
Maithilee Singh

It was great learning computers from Nagesh Sir. Whatever came out of your mouth was not missing my ears (I mean, you created so much of interest in me for your course). Your patience and persistence are inspirational Sir!

- After Linux & C in 2006

Teaching was good. No improvements suggested. Lab assistance was good. It was very comfortable learning Perl (in all respects). So, no further suggestions! Keep it up!

- After Perl in 2006
Maithilee Singh - Novartis
Sheetal Dorby

Well I found the way of teaching is very good. One can learn much from this. Teacher has covered almost all the topics in a quite excellent way in 5 days.

- After Java in 2012
Sheetal Dorby - J P Morgan
Mini P Trivedi

Teaching was 'par' excellence. It made all concepts clear. I have never encountered a better method. Thank you Sir for making at least me somewhat comfortable to C. The course material is very explicit about the topics. It gives a clear & thorough understanding of the subject.

- After Linux & C in 2004
Mini P Trivedi - Biocon
Rishi Renjith

Teaching was very good. The best I attended so far.

- After C & C++ in 2007
Rishi Renjith - Twitter
Ravi Karan Sharma

I am not technically qualified enough to comment on his improvements, even though lectures were extensively theory-based but crisp, clear & interactive. Lab assistance was good. Focus was more on explaining their implementation rather than providing insights through each student's design.

- After C++ in 2009
Ravi Karan Sharma - Samsung
Rahul R. Pathare

Teaching was good .

- After Perl in 2010
Rahul R. Pathare - TCS
Vaishali Singh

The teaching given by you is really upto the mark. I was blank in anything related to computers, but after your teaching classes, I must admit that I know “something” rather than “nothing”. The written language in the course material is very simple and easily understandable. It's a best course material for any beginner. You should be teaching us other languages also. I must say please to come again and teach us in 2nd semester also.

- After Linux & C in 2005

The explanation given for any questions are nice. The flow of talk is very good and understandable. But sometimes the speed of teaching is fast, so that it becomes difficult to hold all the things. The lab assistance provided is really helpful. In case of even a little doubt, they come and explain it nicely.

- After Perl in 2005

The teaching provided was really best. I think no one else can teach better than this.

- After Java in 2005
Vaishali Singh - Pharmacovigilance
Zeba Sultana

Teaching was very good. The explanations and examples cited are excellent. We were able to relate to the basics and feel confident about whatever little we have learnt. Please take our Perl and Java classes also.

- After Linux & C in 2005
Zeba Sultana - Cellworks
Melvin Jacob

PERFECT. No suggestions. It can't be any better.

- After Linux & C in 2004
Melvin Jacob - Converge Information Systems
Pravriti Sharma

Teaching was perfectly fine. Concepts were made clear in the class. Especially the revision part by asking question plus the fine was the good way to keep us involved in the subject. Overall it was good.

- After C++, MySQL, CGI, Java in 2007
Pravriti Sharma - Qiagen
Debashis Satpathy

Teaching was excellent. The way you explain everything are very good but one thing you should have control in your speed because it takes time for a student who learns computers for the first time.

- After Linux & C in 2004
Debashis Satpathy - Molecular Connections
Mohit Verma

I found the way of teaching very nice. It solved my doubts. I learned languages first time and did not feel like I am learning. Course material is very nice, all matters are given point to point, but please give a blank page on the left side, it is easy to make notes. Vinod sir did a good job but one more faculty should be here because it is very tiring for sir & students both.

- After Perl in 2010
Mohit Verma - National Research Centre on Plant Biotechnology
Gouri Deshpande


- After Perl in 2010
Gouri Deshpande - Strand Life Sciences
Ganesh Shastry H.M.

The teaching was great interactive and more focussed on application of the linux. Now operating with Linux is fun!

- After Linux in 2012
Ganesh Shastry H.M. - Gain Theory
Rohan Gupta

Teaching was effective. The examples given made the understanding better.

- After Linux in 2011

The teaching was effective. The examples given for every topic made the understanding better.

- After C & C++ in 2011
Rohan Gupta - Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd.
Deepthi C. Hari

Teaching was very nice. We were able to understand very well.

- After Linux in 2011

Teaching was thorough and i was able to understand the basics of all concepts discussed.

- After C & C++ in 2011
Deepthi C. Hari - Microsoft
T. N. Jayasudha

Teaching and communication skills were excellent.

- After C and Microprocessors in 2006
T. N. Jayasudha - Delphi
Gargi Sinha

Flow of teaching is excellent. The question session at the beginning of every class is excellent. Lab assistance was good and the concept of project is great. Nagesh Sir converted me a non- computer student to a computer. He is just like “Neptune” God of OOP.

- After C++, MySQL, CGI, Java in 2007
Gargi Sinha - Jubiliant Biosys
S. K. Ashrefunisa

Teaching is up to the mark. More than expectation. Little hard to cope up the speed.

- After Linux & C in 2004
S. K. Ashrefunisa - Clarius Healthcare
Vaibhav Kulkarni

Actually, there's no problem in teaching, because our doubts of queries are satisfied in the class itself, but complete theory leactures for whole day is too much because we need to coverup all the practicals at a time. Lab assistance was really good. All my practical doubts were solved properly.

- After Perl in 2010
Vaibhav Kulkarni - Persistent Systems
Prashansa Jauhari

Teaching is great, no comments required!!!

- After C++, MySQL, CGI, Java in 2007
Prashansa Jauhari - Biocos
Prasanna G.

Teaching is very nice and understanding.

- After Linux in 2009
Prasanna G. - Morgan Stanley
Avishek Nayak

No improvements needed. Rather this type of excellent mentor should take all the classes.

- After Perl in 2008
Avishek Nayak - Wipro
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