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Our Expertise

We are known for the strength of our technical team and the sincerity with which we render the service. Our team members are trained extensively and their skills are upgraded on an ongoing basis. Our areas of expertise and what we work on is listed below:


Over the last 16 years, we have developed more than 150 different pieces of software - ranging from libraries to applications. A few are showcased here.


GUICPP is a C++ wrapper on GTK+ and provides an Object Oriented framework for developing Graphical User Interfaces on Linux using C++. Most of the common widgets are supported. Efforts are on to integrate this with our EasyWrappers collection, which will then add more functionality and flexibility to this library.


Firewall is a utility, written in C++, that allows the user to control the traffic between the local machine and the external network. The user can black-list certain IP addresses so that no packets are exchanged with those machines, or red-list certain services so that they are disabled and can yellow-list IP addresses and limit the number of ping responses to them.


GamePack is a Java library for game developers and provides a skeletal design for rapid game development. Extensive support is provided for common game programming tasks so that the developer can concentrate primarily on the logic of the game rather than how to design and implement certain common features.


We have invented a scripting language specifically for building Graphical User Interfaces. The script is flexible enough to support many different widgets with all their properties, and finally a translator converts it to C++ code that uses the GUICPP library we developed to render the GUI.


We have developed a complete Game Engine, a Runtime Environment and invented a new scripting language specifically for developing games. Game developers now need not worry about the specifics of graphics programming, level designing, object placement, collision testing, etc. They can focus directly on the logic of the game.


We have developed a Remote Network Monitoring system that can determine the system load, memory usage, disk usage, logged users, running processes, etc. on any system in the network. While the base was developed using C++, it was later also ported to PHP for provide remote web-based network monitoring.


Glade is a utility that allows a click-and-drag interface to build GUI on Linux. It stores the layout information in an XML file. This utility we developed parses through the XML file created by Glade and converts into GUICPP-compatible C++ code, which can then be compiled and executed.


Filesystem in User SpacE (FUSE) is a technique in Linux by which even normal users can "mount" filesystems and implement the relevant system calls in the required manner. We have used this technology to build two systems - an encrypted pseudo-filesystem and a network attached storage system with mirroring.


Estimate Generator is a web-based service that maintains the inventory of the client and provides a quick and reliable way of generating estimates for customers, with the facility of checking these from anywhere at anytime. This was developed for M/s P. J. Timbers who own the "Niki" brand of doors and plywood.


Textuality is a C++ wrapper on the ncurses and libvga libraries that allows C++ developers to develop Object Oriented applications that extensively use a Textual User Interface.


EasyWrappers is a collection of Object Oriented API that encourages programmers to develop maintainable and portable code, aiding readability and testability, while allowing code designers to communicate their ideas easily in terms of objects.


Desktop Management Interface is a client-server product that keeps track of hardware and software resources over the network, compliant with DMTF (Distributed Management Task Force) standards.


Social Network Manager is a web application developed in PHP to keep track of various information and useful statistics derived from social networks. This is a single-place entry point to multiple social networks and all kinds of information about your peers and your relationships can be kept track here.


Storage Space Analyzer is a Java application that can scan a filesystem and provide statistical details on the disk usage. Graph support has been provided using the jFreechart library.


Web Traffic Log File Analyzer is a Java program that reads Apache log files (in various formats), transfers the data into a MySQL database, and then analyzes them providing a wealth of information to web administrators.


Media Offline Explorer takes snapshots of various media (CD, DVD, Pen drives, etc.) and allows the user to browse through their contents even when the media is not physically available. A more powerful feature is the search facility that can search files based on a variety of criteria through all the snapshots without the need for the media.


Morpher is a Java utility to create morphing sequences that gradually transform one image to another giving a very pleasing effect. The output can be stored as a movie.


Spirograph is a C++ utility that can generate a variety of patterns by giving simple (possibly random) inputs! This can be used for generating designs, in the textile industry, etc. A web version using PHP will shortly be available.


Steganographer is a C++ application that allows users to embed textual and graphical data inside an image without affecting the quality of the image, such that the information can be deciphered only by a person who has this application and a password, and others do not even get to know that there is data hidden in the image.


OpenGL Object Oriented API is a C++ wrapper on OpenGL that permits Object Oriented programming using OpenGL for C++ developers.


3D Chess is a Java network-based game that allows multiple players over a network to engage in a game of Chess. Java's 3D API has been used to render the 3D models of chess pieces.


GUI System Administration Tool is an all-in-one tool for the administrator to administer a Linux machine. The administrator now does not need to know dozens of commands and their options. A simple GUI allows the administrator to achieve common administration tasks very easily.

Delivery Models

Companies that require our expertise and talented manpower can contact us with their specific requirements. We offer a range of delivery models.

Fixed Price Model

Our Fixed Price Model offers you a low-risk option when the requirements of the project is reasonably clear. This is the cheapest alternative for those who are clear about what exactly is required. After we understand the requirements, a pre-negotiated fixed price is charged in exchange for specific well-defined deliverables within a pre-determined schedule.

Our experience shows that there will be gaps in the requirement specificiation that the client would not have anticipated. You will not be forced to stick to the initial requirements. In case of any changes in the requirements, you are at liberty to raise Change Requests, which if accepted will be charged separately on a case-to-case basis.

Hourly Payment Model

In case you are unable to precisely define the requirements of the project, but have a vision of the work nevertheless, the Hourly Payment Model becomes the best choice. In this model, our experts work closely with you to gather the basic requirements and using the Agile methodology, provide concrete feedback with a workable prototype, thereby validating the requirement. Within a short span of time, you will get an overall picture of the work, preventing development work from being headed in a wrong direction.

You will be regularly updated about the progress of the work through mini-deliverables after every sprint (usually 3 weeks). You are at liberty to stop any further work at any time. This gives you complete control and flexibility over the work rendered.

Consultancy Model

If you already have the expertise to design and plan the project and just want talented and experienced manpower to complete the project, the Consultancy Model would be the best option. Our well-trained, experienced and talented team members are available to be deployed to your team temporarily to complete your project. The entire project scheduling is left to you and only a flat monthly fee is collected per consultant.

The minimum duration that has to be committed is 3 months per consultant. In the event of the consultant leaving the company or relieving from the client's project, an equivalent consultant will be immediately deployed to minimize the risk of affecting the project's schedule.

Manpower Model

If you have liked the services of the consultant in the Consultancy Model and have long-term plans related to that area, or if you have a long-term requirement of expert talent, our Manpower Model will be the best choice. We can provide the required talent at a fixed price per head, depending on the employee.

As a special case, pre-trained freshers can be provided free of cost to the client. These candidates will be more productive than most fresh engineering graduates.

Software as a Service (SaaS) Model

If you don't not want to get into the nitty-gritty details of projects and feel that there is a wider market for the product, our Software as a Service Model will be the right choice. In this model, you only pay for the usage of the product on a subscription basis. The subscription can be annual, quarterly or even monthly. The moment you feel that this model is not working out for you, you can immediately stop the renewal of the subscription.